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I am a photographer from the Netherlands. I have been studying photography for three years at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Photo Academy is a highly acclaimed institute educating people to become professional photographers. I have chosen however to continue photography as a hobby, with an occasional assignment, next to my full time day job.

On this site you will find a wide variety of images, many of which were created in response to assignments during my studies. I like to see myself as a versatile photographer, enjoying both the really technical aspects of photography, playing with light, composition, shape etc. until everything is perfect, as well as the more thematic aspects, trying the express and emphasise the message that the photograph needs to send to the viewer. I don't want to limit myself to one specific type or style of photography, but continue to explore many different aspects, techniques and approaches.

Often the pleasure of photography for me is more in the doing than in the end result. I therefore also minimise the use of Photoshop and try to get most results directly in-camera. I use both modern digital SLR equipment as well as a classical view camera with 4x5 inch film.

Should you be interested in hiring me for an assignment, I am available for freelance work. Or if you have any other query; Please check the contact page for details. And if you prefer something else, please have a look at the network page for links to fellow photographers of the Photo Academy, each with their own style and quality.

Thanks for watching.